Tuesday, April 10

Busy busy...

I've been busy trying to get my online life back on track. I've updated almost every website I own/run. The biggest deal with that though is that I did it mostly myself with very little help from Parker. For years I just could not focus my head around css. I can write php and perl programming and navigate a UNIX but css was a brick wall. I apparently have been offline not looking at code long enough that css now makes sense and I don't have to just design the site and hand it off to Parker, I can do the whole thing all by myself again LOL.

So check em out:


Saturday, April 7

Here I am...

I'm not going to pretend that I'm going to just jump right in here and blog everyday but if I don't actually start posting, I'll never start. So, here I am... talking to myself. This is what it is. I don't assume I have an audience other than myself. So here I am, not trying to be social, just trying to be me.


Friday, October 14

Dust and Cobwebs

Spent most of the day updating my website so now it works again. ;-)

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