Monday, August 27

What a weekend!

A few years ago our youngest son had a problem that our doctor down in Texas told us was sleep walking. This weekend we found out different. On Thursday our son had one of these episodes while in school and unlike when it happened down in Texas where that school didn't contact us till several hours after the problem was noticed this school tried calling us and when no one answered the phone here they sent a police officer to track down my mother-in-law while they took my son to the ER. I'm grateful for that. I was down in Salt Lake at the time and my husband was out in the yard when they tried to call. He did call the school when he came back inside and immediately went up to the hospital after hanging up. The doctor in the ER had a suspicion of what was going on with our son but he did not have the equipment to make a proper diagnosis at our tiny hospital so he decided to send our son down to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake post haste. My husband called me then to tell me what was going on and that they would be driving down ASAP. I met them at the ER of Primary Childrens around 4:30 pm and at 6 pm we had a new diagnosis and a treatment plan. It turns out my son has been having Atypical Absence Seizures. I am relieved to have a diagnosis that I can do something about. We can treat this.

After spending the night in the hospital for observation we spent the rest of the weekend at a friends house so we could attend some social gatherings going on in town. Friday night was spent at The Greenhouse Effect in Salt Lake for Stealth Coffee. This is something that takes place every Friday night at that location and it is a blast every time I get the opportunity to attend. Saturday we went to Liberty Park for the first Mountain Shadows Clan of the Toteg Tribe meeting. Then Sunday we went to Fairmont Park for a Meetup Picnic where I got my picture taken by a member of the Church of the Sacred Circle (who were also having a meetup in the park) every time I visited the public restroom. I laughed that off but I got pretty peeved when another member of that organization decided to take video of my son when he was near the restroom. There is something seriously wrong with those people!!

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Friday, August 3

Family Vacation with Asshat Humans and a Bear

Lewis Falls
Lewis Falls
Yellowstone National Park

Some of my family came up from Texas to visit me for a few days. This includes my grandmother, mother, niece Sharon, nephew Charlie, and favorite cousin Mike. While my grandmother opted to stay here with my two year old nephew the rest of us decided to embark on a day trip up to Yellowstone National Park. This is a trip I've made a few times but it's never dull and always a beautifully scenic drive. I've never really had a wildlife encounter while up in Yellowstone till this trip though and thus comes the tale of the asshat humans...

It's going on sunset and we're still in the park as the speed limit is 45 at the most but usually more like 35. Why? Because they don't want you to hit the wildlife and the roads are mountainous, curvy, and lined with trees. There are also few passing zones within the park for the same reasons. Does that matter to an asshat in a pickup truck though? Nope. We were driving along doing the speed limit when about fifty feet in front of us crossing the road is a baby bear. We stop, leaving plenty of room between us and the bear. I almost got a picture of it too... till the asshat in the pickup decided that we were just stopping in the middle of the road in a no passing zone for no particular reason at all and zooms around us... that is till he sees the bear and decides to slam on his breaks taking up both lanes while his buddy in the passenger seat rolls down his window (yeah you read that right, fucking idiot) to hang out of it so he can get a picture of the bear. What I thought to myself at that time was, "these are the kind of idiots you see on those When Animals Attack videos..." They were real damn lucky that momma bear didn't come out of the woods.

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Wednesday, July 25

I hate my body!

I HURT! Every part of my body hurts right now but I'm also having these traveling spasms of intense pain that just incapacitate me. Brain fog is horrible, just writing this is challenging and I'm really nauseous, not able to eat much, even watermelon is making me ill.


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Friday, May 18

New Camera & New Ring

I thought it was time to upgrade the camera. We had an old Fuji Finepix 2650 that still works beautifully but doesn't quite do everything I want in a camera so I just purchased a Fuji Finepix S5700 and gave the old camera to my daughter Christi.

I spent a good deal of time yesterday annoying most everyone by taking various pictures and videos. If you go to myspace you can see a video I took of our fire bowl last night. To see some of the pictures I took you can visit my flickr.

I also took this picture of my new ring. I lost my wedding ring which was sterling silver with celtic designs engraved on it. This is what Parker got me in replacement. *smiles* Yes I do love that man!

My new ring

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Wednesday, May 2

Love is in the air...

This is my newly engaged daughter Christi and her fiance Mike...

Christi & Mike

...and the rock. Man does that thing sparkle!

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Wednesday, April 11

New Pix

Since It's been a while and I've done a color change (revert, although I am changing it back to red again) on my hair I decided it was time for new pix of myself.

thubbbtttt    Smirking

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Saturday, April 7

FMS is teh sux0r!!1!!!

I've been in so much frakin pain lately that my daughter's boyfriend has been commenting on how he can tell I'm not well. :-(


I hate being tired. I hate not being able to think about anything without screaming in my head because I hurt. I hate not being able to do things I think I should be able to do. It SUCKS! I really hate though that some people think it's all in my head because ya know, I don't look sick... yeah, whatever... trade ya.

I hurt... bad... but I'm happy so life is good.

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Saturday, February 24

Stealth Coffee

I'm involved with a group of pagans in Salt Lake City with an email list called UTAlternativeSpiritualitySubstituteSubstitute or UASS for short. Ever two weeks (or week or three weeks depending on everyone's mood) they get together and have coffee. They call it stealth coffee as a joke because another group had a bi-weekly coffee going and announced they were making it a secret so that some members of UASS couldn't show up. Yeah, whatever... that's the explanation though.

So, last night was Stealth Coffee night at The Greenhouse Effect (coffee and crepes mmmmm). Parker and I decided to attend in stealth style and didn't tell anyone we were going to drive down and be there. The looks on their faces when they saw us were priceless! It was wonderful to reconnect with my friends. I don't get to see them often enough and miss them terribly in between visits. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Last night was a blast.

Also, looks like I'm going to Heartland this year. *grin*

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Friday, February 16

Valentine Gifts

Valentine GiftsThis is a picture of part of my Valentine's Day presents. Parker gave me eight roses, one for each year we've been together. I also got the teapot the roses are in with matching sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and a candle that looks like the sugar bowl. The kids gave me a mule with saddle bags that are salt and pepper shakers.

We got the screen up for the theater a couple of days ago so that's where I've been for the past couple of days just watching movies. The picture is just awesome, really bright, sharp, and clear. Soon we'll be getting DirecTV hooked up to it and people might not see me for a while. LOL! Actually I plan on having my laptop in there anyway.

Speaking of computers... Parker totally loves his new machine. He was busy Monday night and missed Heroes. It had been replaying Friday nights on Sci-Fi but it isn't on the schedule tonight so now he's sitting here watching it off of the NBC website on his computer. Yeppers, he is a happy camper.

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Monday, February 12

Almost Finished

I'm almost finished with the redesign of The new splash page is up and I have the gallery changed over so now all we have left to do is change the wordpress blog over to the new design. Parker tells me it's not that big of a deal.

On the home front we are still waiting on the screen for the theater and we nearly have all the rooms switched around. I've just about decided that we just have way too much stuff. Parker got his new computer all set up and is really happy to no longer be going in slow motion on the old Win98. We've also decided that the formal dining room makes a much better den for the TV and games than it did a collection area for random stuff.

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Wednesday, February 7

busy busy

Parker and I have been busy lately. Both on and off the internet. We are working on putting wordpress on WitchHaven and The PWA. I'm hoping adding blogs will infuse new life in both these. Interestingly enough they both turn TEN this year. I'm also converting my personal website over to wordpress. The blog has been up on there for almost a year already, just have to rework my art gallery and then put up my new design. I also went through and updated the designs on a few of my communities. I wanted to put up styles that had the tags listed on the side.

On the home front, we got our income tax refund and bought ourselves some new toys. Parker got a new computer and LCD since he elected not to do that when he won that style contest. I purchased an HD projector with an 8' screen to make us a nice home theater. This Christmas my mother gave me a 5 DVD surround sound system with an FM receiver for the theater so we are all set. Now we are moving everything around in the house to accommodate the theater. We decided the best place for the theater is the room where we have the computers set up so we're moving the computers to the living room and moving the TV from in there to the formal dining room we don't use.

Things are great. Everyone is in good health and spirits right now. A few months ago I resolved that I would ignore the Psycho Stalker so I'm not stressing over any of that bullshit anymore either. I'm sure she's still being obsessive about me and all that but I don't have to pay attention to it and ignorance really is bliss. Besides, my daughter is 18 now so the reason she claimed to start stalking me (gathering evidence against me for court) is now moot even though her husband owes so much in back child support he'll still be paying me years from now. So yeah, everything is peachy in my world right now.

Oh, and I also got bored with the red I've been putting on my hair for the last ten years so right now it's black again for a while. I like it but I'm sure I'll probably go back red again before the year is over. ;-)

I'll try to update more often.

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