Thursday, August 15

Carlsbad, NM

Just got back from vacation. We went to Carlsbad, New Mexico where we went to the Living Desert State Park which is a botanical garden and zoo, and of course we also went to the Carlsbad Caverns.

This really amazing thing happened at the zoo, they have a Raven and Parker started talking to it in his magickal language. The Raven flew down and puffed up real pretty for him, then she gave him an under feather! Parker continued talking to her and she danced around to the back of the cage, grabbed one of her outer feathers and then presented that to him as a gift as well! Then she gave him a rock when he told her how pretty she was and flew back up to her perch. It was really, really kewl!

Zoo's over all though mostly depress me. The Raven was kewl, but I know she hated that cage and all the other animals there looked miserable. It's just not right IMO to cage a wild thing...

We wanted to see the wolves they have there but it was way too hot so they were of course not out in the open (smart wolves). We did see a coyote on our way up to Carlsbad though, just a few miles north of Pecos one ran out in front of us and I had to swerve to miss it.

The Caverns were of course awesome, we've been there before so we skipped the natural entrance this time. I really doubt that I could walk down that thing right now anyway. We did however do the Kings Palace and the entire Big Room tours.

We were going to go to Sitting Bull Falls (in the Lincoln National Forest) on Wednesday but we were all sore from walking the cave so decided against it. We drove home going through the Guadalupe Mountains and then down to Van Horn to take the Interstate home.

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Monday, August 5


Some of you know that I've been feeling like total crap for over a year now. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because I was in pain. I knew better than to go to this guy, he's a quack. I went in the afternoon and after he pissed me off because he wasn't listening to anything I was saying, he sent me for a routine blood test and told me to call back in the morning. I called back the next morning and they told me to come in to the office. I went in and he tells me I'm diabetic but he doesn't know what type I am because I'm too old for juvenile, and too young for adult onset. *growl*

Next day, I went to another doctor. I don't want to have a doctor treating me with his best guess...

New doctor runs a GTT (the proper test to find out if you're diabetic) and as it turns out, yes I am diabetic, and I'm Type 2. So now I'm on Glucophage for that and I'm feeling a bit better, still hurt though... *sigh*

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