Friday, December 10

OMG! Srsly?

So this morning I was reading my son's facebook wall and noticed this girl I've never heard of, and I hear about a lot of girls from my son, is trying to be miss queen beeotch taking up for her bff who is his ex-girl-of-the-week. Not that she needs the help, just this girl seems to think she's all that and a baga... *rolls eyes* While doing this she presents herself as a complete idiot by using so called alternative spelling which I guess is supposed to make people look cool but to me it just makes you look like an uneducated idiot. I said something about it and she came back with:
Nd I happen to be doin good in English. This is facebook not English so yeaa I write correct n englsh class but if yuh hvent noticed people write words differetly on here cuz it's not school! Duhh! So watever you just don't do it cuz yur old so not my fault

No dear child, I don't do it because it makes you look like you are either uneducated or have a very low IQ. You are doing good in English? I can't tell, nor am I taking your "wurd" for it. School isn't just a pastime to fill in twelve years of your life. What they teach in school is actually used in real life.
u may get ovr urself nao, kthxbi!

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