Wednesday, September 26

The Day Before...

On September 10th around 3 a.m. cst, I was as usual sitting at my computer with Poser open tweaking a character I have been working on. All of the sudden my monitor blinked off, popped and smoke started pouring out of it. :( I woke St.Parker up and he quickly took it apart to make sure the fire was out. Later that morning he informed me that the horizontal hold transistor or something like that must have gone out but my monitor still worked limited. *SIGH* Now, till then I had been in 1024 x 768 res and now I'm stuck with 800 x 600 which IMO really bites!!!

As if that were not bad enough, that evening we tied our two dogs out in the side yard to get some exercise and left to get a part at the hardware store. When we came back, one of the dogs had wrapped herself around the water faucet and pulled the pipe out of the ground making us a nice pretty fountain in the side yard. No water for the rest of the evening needless to say. That got fixed first thing the next morning which was September 11... and now, yes I am still viewing the web on my old monitor in 800 x 600 because it doesn't seem all that important anymore...

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Friday, September 21

Patriotic Scams & Spams

It's now been ten days since those of us in America got our rude wake up call that we are not untouchable. I don't think there is a person in America that this has not affected in some way. Mostly I see that it has stoked the fires of patriotism all across America and that truly brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

In the world of the internet though it has brought out scam artists, which is sad. Also I have noticed that people seem to think that in the name of unity we should disregard common netequette like not sending email attachments to email lists. I can't tell you how many times I have received the graphic of the WTC rebuilt to look like we're flipping off the world. I think it's a great idea, that will never be done because it isn't proper, but I don't think that in the name of tragedy we should disregard the rules of the web... but that's just my opinion. ;) YMMV

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