Friday, December 28


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Now back to my grumbling. *g*

I bought a webcam for my mother. All she wants is to be able to use it for yahoo messenger. So I got her one that didn't cost very much, well it was on sale anyway but it come with all this fancy software to do video email. Problem, it doesn't work on her computer. So I install it on mine to see if it works. The camera at least works on my computer but the software still doesn't recognize the camera... *rolls eyes* so much for fancy software. I thought the problem was solved, I would just hook up my old camera for mom on her computer and all would be well. Oh hell no. See, she has the Windows upgrade from 95 to 98 and for some reason the Microsoft capture thing isn't compatible or isn't making the camera work right or something. *growl* I'm going to try to see if using windows update will bring the capture thing up to date but I won't hold my breath...

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