Friday, May 23

Renn Faire, Fibro, and Fucktards oh my!

Ok so when last I left you I was squeeing about the Utah Renn Faire. So yeah, I went and had myself a grand time walking around in the dust spending money on garb which I look really awesome in. *squee* Went back the second weekend too.

Then I spent the next three days in bed (both times) because fibro sux. Still all hurty.

and then there is the fucktard factor...

I've posted before about how there is a Wiccan Church here in Salt Lake that collected a bunch of money from the community under the pretense that it was a fund to purchase land for the community which they then used to purchase a yurt and put in their Rev.'s back yard. So you guys know me, I've been plenty vocal about calling bullshit on it. This has been going on for about a year now and I doubt it will ever be resolved.

Well, last week someone posted the Charge of the Beeotch to a yahoo list called WestDesertWitchesWeb which was a local list but since a warlocked fucktard runs it and it's heavily moderated he had to open it up to anyone he could get to join it so now it's just another foo foo pagan list. One of the foo foo's on there is the Officer of Air for the a fore mentioned church which means she is responsible for xposting their events all over the place and keeping the minutes. She's also made a point of calling several people in the community liars because she doesn't agree with them even though they can back up what they've stated with documentation or witnesses. She's also stated that Parker, Giffin (the HP of my coven which is the oldest coven in Salt Lake), and I are not part of the community because we don't reside in Salt Lake. This is also a woman who wears fairy wings, the kind you get for kids on Halloween, to every event she attends because apparently she thinks she is one. This is a woman I've spoken to twice briefly. Well, when the Charge of the Beeotch was posted she had something to say... and I quote:

Sorry I have to comment on this post; I know the woman Who wrote this and in no way should anything she posts be promoted. I understand that it is public , but the integrity and position that this person holds in the Utah community leaves much to be desired.

Just my 2 cents. :P
BB Avalon


Like I said, I've spoken with Avalon TWICE. She does not know me. All she knows is that I have opinions she doesn't like and I won't shut the fuck up.

As to my position in the community, and it's really nice of her to acknowledge that I'm part of this community eh, I'm one of the Local Coodinators for Salt Lake Pagan Pride and I run the largest and most active Witches Meetup in Utah. What that leaves to be desired for her I guess is that I'm not going away. That leaves my integrity, sorry Avalon, I'm just not going to take money from people and use it for something else to make myself acceptable to your standards of integrity.

So that's what's going on in Kayote Land...

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