Wednesday, September 8

Excuses Excuses

Well, now it's just that I've been being lazy! LOL Gimini's computer is back up, kinda. It's so friggin slow though that it may as well be down still. Jadynn is back up too but prolly just stuck on which I must admit can be really addictive... I get lost there once in a while myself. *grin* Gimini doesn't, computer is too friggin slow. I need to work on getting her on the broadband...

In other news, I now have the ability to post pictures up to the site using hello and blogger, heck I think I could even do it from my cell phone as well. Once in a while I'm going to post a picture to this blog. I'm still going to put albums up as well, picasa will be a great help with that little venture too. Now all I have to do is get off my lazy but and actually do it. *grin*

That's all for now, ta ta peeps!

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