Friday, November 26


We hope everyone had as great a Thanksgiving as we did! We all spent the morning and early afternoon with our other families and then came together for our traditional Thanksgiving evening feast.

The kids all had a blast. They jumped on the trampoline because it was a nice day. Booter was playing with Gimini's guy and laughed so hard he cried which made everyone else laugh. Of course the food was awesome because Gimini cooked. *grin* Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, deviled eggs, fruit salad, and the deserts! Oh my! Cherry pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, Gimini's famous strawberry banana pie, and Parker made a blueberry cake. It was all fantabulous! The most important thing though was that we were together.

We also acquired new family members. Jadynn had brought over her new puppy (Odie) that she got as an early xmas prezie from another friend of hers. She is half Chihuahua, half Pomeranian and cute as a button. The guy she got her from was only charging $20 for the puppies so Gimini bought one for Christi as a thank you for everything she does for her. C named her Brownie and she has the cutest little teddy bear face. I couldn't resist either. Got one which will have the longest hair and named her Lady McBooBerry. Then after explaining that he had to charge for them because some people get the little ones to feed to snakes if they are for free, he mentioned that he had a nine month old Chi to give away for free also. So I got Miss Foxy Roxy too.

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Saturday, November 6


The kids had a great Halloween! PIX
There was a hillbilly, a she devil, a kitty maid, a dead beauty queen, a thrashed out punk rocker, rainbow brite, two power rangers, and a gothic queen who took all the pictures while the witch stayed home to pass out candy to non existent trick or treaters. *grin*

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