Monday, January 18

Willow the Wiccabe

When I was on the Psycho Stalker's hate blog to get the url for the post she made about the rape of my children I noticed a recent entry. I'm posting an excerpt from it to illustrate just what a fluff idiot she is that knows absolutely nothing about real magick.

When we all lived in the same town, one night we ran into her and some of her friends at Walmart. When we got back to our vehicle, one of them had drawn an upside down pent on it. That was too Helter Skelter for me. I could just imagine them showing up one night at our home, high in a fit of rage and killing us. That's when we moved and NEVER again let her know where we lived.

Ok, first I have to snark the last part. She was so afraid that it was two years later that they actually left. This happened quite soon after they very first moved in together. He was still married to his wife at the time.

I drew the pentagram on his door. It wasn't upside down as she is trying to claim now. When she blogged about it before she was still a holier-than-though Christian and just bitched about the fact that I drew a pentagram on his van. Now that she's pretending to be Pagan I guess she needs it to have been upside down because she knows jack shit about pentagrams and their symbolism or that Traditional Wicca uses both. The inverted pentagram is in fact the symbol for second degree.

I did not see them in Wal-Mart. Parker and I were grocery shopping after midnight. We parked pretty far out where no one else was parked. While we were in Wal-Mart Jimmy's wife and another friend of ours came up to me to say hi. The other friend told me to be careful because Jimmy and the whore were in there. Parker and I picked up the last few things we were there for and checked out. When I got out to the parking lot I find that Jimmy parked right next to my vehicle of all places. His door was about a foot from mine. I performed the LBRP right there marking the banishing earth pentagram on his door.

Hey, it was more original than the ole "wash me" most people write on dirty ass vehicles...

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Saturday, January 16

The History of the Psycho Stalker

Ok, so I've written over the years about the woman who married my ex and then couldn't leave me alone, you know, the Psycho Stalker. I don't know why she became obsessed with me, I wasn't the woman married to the man when this woman started fucking him. I was already with Parker for a few years at that time. I barely even had anything to do with that man other than the fact that he was married to a friend of mine who happens to also be a cousin of a cousin.

They had two kids and one on the way when he met Charlene in a convenience store he stopped at on the way to and from work. She's one of those women who saw a roughneck and dollar signs flashed before her eyes. He flirted with her and she spread her legs faster than butter across hot bread. She even knew he was married with children and one on the way because she saw Jimmy out with his wife and kids one night. I know this because she told his wife when they met after his wife found out about the affair and I, along with two of our other friends was sitting in another booth within hearing distance. Charlene told her that she saw them and decided they looked too happy so she had to change that.

Charlene's mistake was that she told Jimmy she was pregnant. That sent him running away from her since the reason he was cheating was because his wife was pregnant and under doctors orders to not have sex. He told his wife all about Charlene and begged her forgiveness. She forgave him, again, mostly because she was pregnant and knew once they got past the pregnancy limited sex issue there wouldn't be an issue. I guess Charlene figured out that you can't win Jimmy by becoming pregnant because all the sudden she lost the baby. A pregnancy her ex husband called a miracle in fertility anyway since that woman never got pregnant the whole time they were married since she had her tubes tied after her last child was born. Thing is, Jimmy told her he was going to stay with his wife and wanted her to leave him alone. She couldn't handle that though because she started driving by his house to see if he was home and then she started following him out to the rig he was working on and sleeping in her car in desperate hope that he would pull over and talk to her. Which he did one day right after the baby was born and his wife was again under doctors orders not to have sex. When his wife found out that time she tossed him out.

He went back and forth several times begging his wife to take him back, even called her from Wyoming where Charlene had dragged him off to in order to get him away from his family. He told his wife he hated it up there and all he wanted was to come home to his family. In all the years I've known Jimmy he has never liked cold weather so everyone who knew Jimmy wasn't surprised that he hated Wyoming and wanted to get back home. His plan was to leave Charlene up there and come home. Unfortunately his grandmother died and he needed Charlene to pay for the trip back home for the funeral. When he was in town he met with his wife and she had taken up a collection from some of his friends to give him enough money to get back to Texas after he took Charlene back to Wyoming. When they got back up there though her parents kicked them out of their house and Jimmy was stuck with Charlene and they used the money his wife had given him to return to Texas.

They moved in with his dad who was living in his mothers old place. Charlene decided Jimmy needed to get a divorce and hired a lawyer herself. Jimmy did everything possible to stall that divorce including not ever attending the class mandatory for parents to take in order to get a divorce in Texas. His wife had to ask the judge to make an exception and grant her a divorce without him attending that class. Hell, once after watching Jimmy and his wife in the hall of the courthouse his own lawyer made a comment about not understanding why Jimmy and his wife were getting divorced since it was even obvious to him they were still in love with each other. Charlene paid for it and Jimmy technically filed for a no fault divorce but it was his wife who was granted the divorce on the grounds of abandonment and adultery. Even after the divorce though Jimmy still tried to get back with his ex-wife... even after he and Charlene got married. He told everyone he only filed for a divorce from his wife because the Mormon Bishop told him to. He even told someone once that he told that to a therapist he had gone to and that the therapist had advised him that he should get back together with his ex-wife since he obviously loved her so much. That was when Jimmy cheated on Charlene with his ex, he sought her out and begged to get back together. After his ex wouldn't let him move back in Charlene found out about the affair, because I blogged about it, and they moved so fast they left most of their shit behind at his grandmothers house. I know this because I helped his dad, who I've known since I was five, clean up the place so he could sell it.

It was at the beginning of that two year divorce that Charlene had started her internet searches. She found his wife but she found me too. Why? Because I blog. I blog about anything that is on my mind at the time and I just so happened to have blogged about Jimmy a few times because we have a child together and who hasn't blogged about the frustrations of an ex, especially when they skip their child support payment. I also blogged about him and his wife and their situation. Jimmy even called me up once telling me I was making his life hell because Charlene would read my blog and throw a wild fit. She couldn't even keep straight who wrote what and to this day blames me for shit his now ex-wife wrote.

His ex-wife once made a post venting about Charlene and ended it with a declaration that Charlene would never get the kids away from her, said she'd kill her first. Yeah, she was a heart broken mother who was harassed on a daily basis by Charlene who had vowed to make the woman's life a living hell, even tracked her down when she moved to stop the drive-bys Charlene was still doing. She was distraught when she wrote it and removed it later. She wasn't even aware that Charlene was reading anything she posted on the internet and since Jimmy has a reading impediment he never had been a person who got on the internet much except to look at porn. What was written was not in anyway posted for Jimmy or Charlene to read, it was a way for his ex-wife to vent. Neither one of us had any idea we were being cyber-stalked.

I eventually found out because apparently I vented one too many times about Jimmy and Charlene blasted me on the internet about it. After that I started tracking the IP addresses on all my sites and blogs. She decided it was time to start a war with me and made herself a LiveJournal account. She started telling me that they would take me to court to get custody of my daughter and they would win because they were God fearing Christians and I was a Satan worshiping WITCH. She even posted her disappointment in the fact that witches are no longer burned.

I made the mistake of calling her a stalker and pointing out how I could show in court that she was stalking me. I mentioned that she had joined several pagan email lists I was on and she being a Christian had no reason to join those lists other than to stalk me. A couple of weeks after I posted that she made a new LJ account and claimed she was a witch too, from a fam trad going back hundreds maybe even thousand of years. Then proceeded to join every pagan group I was on and any other one she could find. She made another account later because she kept finding herself blocked from joining groups I was on or friending people on my flist. One of the first groups she tried to join under her new name was one that I run. That was how I knew she opened a new account. We wont even go into how she was digging through the comments on my friends journals to see if I had made a comment. I know this because she couldn't control herself one day and actually made a comment to a six month old comment I had made on a friends journal.

She started stalking me eight years ago, I've known about it and her existence on the internet for less. I found out about her existence on the net when she let me know. I know how long she's been stalking me because I looked it up in my domain logs to see when her IP started showing up. I made the mistake of posting screen shots from a stat program I was using on my LJ to show how many times a day she was visiting. Now she uses that program and posts copy pastes of her logs where she has edited in my IP address so she can claim I'm stalking her. Oh hell, everything I have ever posted to show that she was stalking me she is now trying to claim that I'm doing to her. I guess she forgets that other people on the internet saw what she was doing. They would often comment on how she would change her profile page on LJ to look just like mine. They would warn me to be careful because THEY thought she posed a danger to me. I laughed them off... surely she wasn't that crazy, she would eventually get bored and leave me alone.

Then one day she posted this: "I have three questions! ONE: Did her cheating on her husband, who apparently was also unstable, did that cause him to do what he did! TWO: Did he lash out to hurt her and he hurt her in the most possible way? THREE: Would he have had a chance to hurt the girls IF she had left him when he started beating her?!?" Which is an excerpt from a blog post that can still be found on the internet. ( She wrote the post because I vented about Jimmy breaking his daughter heart in a blog I had called What a Fucking Asshole. It was that post that enlightened me on just how mentally twisted this woman truly is. Who at all can come up with a scenario where the rape of a six year old could have just been a mans way of getting back at his wife for cheating? How could a sane person even go there? Forget about the fact that she's sympathizing with a pedophile and taking her information from a letter he wrote while sitting in jail for his crimes and that the affair mentioned in said letter happened after he was put in jail for his crimes. It dawned on me that this woman is indeed as mentally ill as her ex warned me of. This woman can justify any wrong in her mind as long as it suits her needs. That was the moment I started fearing for my safety.

She knew where I lived. Every time she was in town she would do two things, drive by my house and go to the mall to pace in front of the place where Jimmy's ex worked. I moved. I moved out of state, all the way to the state my husband grew up in. We bought a house near his mothers and moved. It happened to be Wyoming and Charlene does have parents here but they live on the other side of the state and they had previously kicked Jimmy and Charlene out. Jimmy hates cold weather, stated that he hated Wyoming before so why not. Plus she wouldn't know right... wrong.

She found me here. Was even pulling up my sites with her mobile phone several times a day. Then a few months after I moved here they moved here of all places and not just to Wyoming, they moved to the same side of the state, right to the town I mentioned several times in my blog. I wasn't living in that town, just shopping there and visiting my sister-in-law. I had no idea till she started showing up in the regional pagan groups I was on. I stopped going to that town.

I was miserable for a long time. Spent way too much time looking at logs and stats. One day I decided enough was enough. She was never going to wake up sane and leave me alone. I remembered that she posted to me once saying that she liked it better when I didn't know she was watching me because I wrote more openly. Actually, it was in the same post she made where she was upset that we don't burn witches anymore. And with my new understanding of her mental state that particular post wasn't the least bit funny anymore. I still have the screen capture of that journal here:

Well, she and I finally agreed on something. I also liked it better before I knew she was stalking me. So I removed all the codes from my pages for the stat counter program and simply stopped checking in domain logs. I started ignoring her stalking. Oh she still showed up places, I couldn't ignore that. I started leaving all the places she would show up. I stopped posting so much about her stalking and went back to venting occasionally about Jimmy and his unwillingness to pay child support. This latest round of her insane harassment of me is the result of him being forced to pay me after nearly an entire year of not paying a dime.

Most people who look at all the evidence sees the pattern. She's too delusional to notice her own pattern I guess. She doesn't call me a stalker and start inventing "proof" unless they've received an enforcement notice from the Texas Attorney General's office. She does it every time. She used to try to claim I was stalking her because it pissed her off that I was calling her a stalker and was showing proof of her stalking me. In her insane head she thinks that if she calls me the stalker that makes it so. I'm the one who has the hard evidence to get a protective order against her though. Her so called evidence against me just doesn't hold up under scrutiny like mine does. None of my evidence is copy pasted from anywhere. In fact, some of her so called evidence would actually blow up in her face because it's stuff like a huge stack of printed out copies of my profile page she made to keep track of how many posts I was making that were locked entries.

So here we are again. Eight years later and she still hasn't left me alone. I know, she says the same about me. *shrugs* Just because she says it doesn't make it true. How could I possibly have been stalking her for all that time when she herself posted that she liked it better when I didn't know she was watching?

So I found myself this time letting it bother me again, letting her push those buttons. Thing is though, just like when I decided to ignore her stalking I've come to realize that there isn't anything I can do to change it. She is mentally unstable after all, just as her ex warned me about so long ago. She just isn't going to go away and since she targeted me she's not ever going to stop. In fact, she's started joining the support groups for my health issues now, not just the pagan and witchcraft groups. I'm the only one I have the power to do anything about so this too I shall have to do my best to ignore and just hope the people she dupes into her game of harassing me are smart enough to smell bullshit when she serves it up to them.

In any case, I'm not going to stop hoping that someday someone will either make her take some medication for her mental issues or put her in a mental hospital where she can get the help she so desperately needs. Till such time as that I will do my best to ignore her stalking and harassment of me and even though I still find her emulation of me to be creepy I know I'm safe because she can't get to me physically... for now... and there is that protective order. I'm pretty sure she's far enough away now that she can't harm me physically...

Oh, but I do expect there will be some wild post made somewhere that mimics this one in form just full of Charlene's twisted fantasies about what she wishes my life were like. It's become apparent that she can't be happy unless she fantasizes about my life being something less than hers... for her to be happy I must not be.

and if wishes were horse beggars would ride...

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Friday, January 15


I am a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband who is also a witch. We share in all things including working magick together. It's a very special thing being married to your soul mate who is in all ways your partner. :)

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The New Moon

The new moon brought some very welcome changes to our home last night. Our home will be much more peaceful and our youngest daughter is beaming again.

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Monday, January 4

meanwhile back on Hoth...

We made it home safe and sound. The house is still standing... that's about all I can say. Teenagers acted like teenagers while we were gone and did everything we asked them not to do. *sigh*

It's good to be back in my own bed though. ;)

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Saturday, January 2

Going Home

We will be leaving Las Vegas soon. Maybe tomorrow, maybe early Sunday morning. Early as in before the sun rises. o_O

We've had a wonderful visit with the familia but now it's time to go back to the frozen north and see what the teens have done to my house while we were gone. LOL! Hopefully it's still standing. ;)

I will most likely tweet the drive again because I can. :)

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Blessings for 2010!

May peace break into your house & may thieves come to steal your debts. May your pockets become a magnet of $100 bills. May love stick to your face like Vaseline & may laughter assault your lips! May your clothes smell of success like smoking tires, May happiness slap you across the face & may your tears be that of joy. May the problems you had forget your home address! May 2010 be the best year of your life!

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