Sunday, December 25


Life in the frozen north isn't so bad when you have hot buttered rum. *grin*


Merry whatever you celebrate!

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Wednesday, December 21


Hope everyone has a very Blessed and Happy Yule however you chose to spend this Winter Solstice Day.

And for my aussie friends, Happy Litha! I hope you're melting your arses off this Summer Solstice Day while I'm freezing mine. ;-)

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Sunday, December 18

Moose Calf

Moose Calf
Originally uploaded by Gwen Wolfrose.
There is a baby moose on the loose in town. Parker took this picture about 30 minutes ago.

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Wednesday, December 7


When I woke up this morning it was -28°F and the wind chill made it feel like -48°F

That's fucking cold!

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Thursday, July 21

hiss spit growl

Stupid effin public schools!

I let everyone bully me into putting my children back in school. Now the idiots at the school are trying to tell me that my son went in there for the third grade two years ago with a fourth grade reading level now has a third grade reading level. They also argue that it couldn't be that he was bored and just colored in the bubbles on the test... *rolls eyes*

Ok people, either he was bored and made designs on the test or you people suck so bad at what you do that he actually became dumber while attending your educational facility. Fine, argue with me about it. It's not a very good endorsement of your school if I go around telling the world that you uneducated my child.

Send your child to Midland Academy they're sure to become dumber!




Oh yeah, and they want to hold him back a grade and not because he didn't make passing grades on his report cards, totally based on this damn test. To top it off, he's not in a grade that the state mandates that he must pass that test in order to advance to the next grade. My son isn't going to that school again and he's not repeating a grade level he was bored to tears in already.

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Friday, July 8

It's been a while

It's been a while since I used blogger but maybe it's time I come back to it. I'm not comfortable on livejournal any more. I just like to ramble anyway and there it's more having to interact with other people so I don't really make real entries. I'm also going to look into putting up coppermine on my domain as well so I can just keep all my stuff in house and go back to being a hermit. Who knows, maybe this will get me to actually start writing again...

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Tuesday, June 28

fun fun fun

Tuesday evening is family night at the public pool. It cost us $7.50 to take five kids and two adults and we get to take our own drinks and food in for a picnic. That is what we did tonight, everyone had a blast, then we came home and started a fire in our fire pit and made smores. I didn't partake of the smores though, waaaaaaaaay to much sugar. After we were done with making smores we put some pinion on the fire. I love the smell of pinion... good thing too because that's what I smell like now. LOL

Next time I might remember to take some pictures...

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Tuesday, April 26

Are You Willing to Pay the Coin?

The Law of Return is IMO the very first and one of the most important things that should be taught to any new witch.

Be careful what you cast... it could bite you in the ass. Then again, LoR isn't just about casting either...

There are no ten commandments in witchcraft and contrary to popular fluff the rede is not a commandment, it's a pretty poem. Most trad wiccans know this and most witches are not wiccan so it's a moot point. The LoR is universal though, you see it in one form or another in all religions. You reap what you sow. If you don't really understand that old saying, it has to do with planting and harvesting, you harvest what you plant, you get what you give.

So when you go to cast a spell for vengeance what exactly is it that you're willing to sacrifice to get temporary satisfaction? It could be anything, even your own life... or that of someone you love dearly. Is it worth it? Are you willing to pay the coin?

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Wednesday, April 20

It's Four Twenty

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the world!!!

I love you baby!

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