Wednesday, July 14


After many years of Jimmy the Rat Bastard getting away with not paying child support it looks like they are going to get a judge to issue a warrant for him. Apparently he pulled another stupid move. They decided it was time to review how much child support he was paying Audra and apparently when he got the paperwork he pulled another dead beat dad move and quit his job. What a LOSER! They are still going to raise what she is owed each month with or without him there and it will most likely be way more than they had it originally set at since most of the other kids are over 18. They will use what he is capable of earning to set the amount since he isn't interested in having a say.

I would like to see him try to claim he can't find work in the oil field right now too. Even if they aren't drilling like crazy up here in Wyoming, they are punching holes in the ground making it look like swiss cheese down there in West Texas. Jobs to be had there for sure. Besides, apparently he just quit a perfectly good job for no reason other than OMG they were going to collect some child support.

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