Wednesday, October 17

Dead Monitor

Well, a couple of days ago my monitor decided that it's time was up and died. So I've spent the last couple of days either pissed off at my computer or sleeping. St.Parker is really happy I got some sleep... something I neglect sometimes while occupied with Poser. ;) I've been saved from the hell that is St.Parker's computer though. *grin* My mother bought my Yule present early and now I have a new 17" monitor.

So now it's back to bitchness... ;p

Wednesday, October 10

Guns & Whiskey Bottles

Today I just thought I would brag and put up a pic of my kids.... innocent looking creatures aren't they... ;p No really, they are. My oldest is an honors student matter of fact. :)

Ok, I have to tell the story behind the picture. My grandmother has pictures of all her grandchildren done in this ole timey fashion so my mother wanted to get my kids done to add to the collection. It's fun so ok, but the kids get to dress however they want. (In my pic, taken at the age of 11, I'm covered from neck to ankle and I didn't have to work at looking serious since I was none too happy with my costume.) Anyway, after the photographer places the six shooter and the rifle in my sons hands without even a glance in my direction, the girls wanted to hold the whiskey bottles. The man turns to me and asks if that is ok. I'm thinking, "Oh yeah, I don't care if my son has deadly weapons in his hands but by gosh don't stick empty whiskey bottles in my girls hands... sheesh what the fuck???" I gave him my most serious blank look and said, "of course." Parker and I had a good laugh over that one after we left. ;)

My cold is getting better, I can actually sit at the keyboard more than two minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out... too bad I can't seem to go two minutes without hacking up a lung.... *coughcoughcough*

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Monday, October 8

Peace Man

I know there are a lot of people out there who are doing everything in their power to enforce peace on the rest of the world. I would just like to use my little soapbox here to remind everyone that your idea of peace may not be someone else idea of peace. It is also an opportune moment to mention that sometimes peace has to be fought for.

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Give Me NyQuil

I have a horrid cold. I've had this crap since the middle of last week. St. Parker even had me sloshed on rum Friday night going for the old sailors cure.... too bad he tried to follow that by poisoning me with hot ginger and honey tea... my stomach turned inside out. Either one would do but definitely not both at the same time... uck!!!! I've decided to stick with NyQuil.

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