Saturday, November 24

The Legend of Wolfrose

Once in the Land of Mist
A wolf went walking
seeking yet not knowing
what he would find

Then he stopped...
... for in front of him
bathed in pale moonlight
was beauty frozen in time

The Wolf met the Rose
and took her as mate
in the mist where the
moon did shine

Be it legend or myth
once a wolf loved a rose
in the land of mist
where the Lady did shine

Point of the tale you ask...
... eh who knows...
but some would call it
the Legend of Wolfrose...

Copyright � Gwendalyn Wolfrose March 31,1999 all rights reserved!

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Thursday, November 8

Magic Accounting

Ok, so maybe you are saying to yourself, "When the hell is she actually going to bitch about something???" Alrighty then, here goes...

I usually get a child support check around the fifth of every month, except for this month. So I call the local branch of the Texas Attn. Gen. office to find out where my check is. I get informed that since it got to their office on October 31st, and I had already gotten my "allotment" for October, it is an extra check for October and as such the state would keep it to go towards what my ex owes in back child support. I said, "but he only gets paid every two weeks, it's not like it really is extra money and I need that check." I was then told, "ma'am there is no use arguing." Oh bet me, I WILL get my money somehow. No damn state should STEAL money from a child. I'm not fucking stupid, I can read court documents, hell I've even typed the damn things up so I actually *do* know what the hell they say. When the person who pays child support doesn't get paid once a month then they go by how they get paid and order the support that way so I'm not really supposed to get some set allotment for a single month, I'm supposed to get a set amount for EACH payday. What moronic assholes!

You know something else that pisses me off about them... my ex owes a certain amount of back child support that I will never see because the state keeps that, they are charging an ungodly amount of interest on that back support. Who the hell needs the mob when you have a state like this? I'm not done either, they finally caught up with my oldest's father and took him to court for child support. A judge ordered an amount for him to pay in current support and only ordered him to pay $3,000.00 in back support which was fine with me since I won't see a dime of back support and IMO fair for a man who is raising his other three children himself. Oh but that wasn't good enough for the damn state, NO, they had to file an appeal "In the Interest of" my daughter. *rolls eyes* Give me a break, if it was in her interest, they would have left it alone so I could have gotten a friggin check this month for her. GGGGGRRRRRRRRR!! ASSHOLES!!!

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