Tuesday, July 28

Gardnerians_all Yahoo!Group

*sigh* I made the mistake of turning email delivery back on for Gardnerians_all. There really wasn't much traffic going on. Wiccan Wade is in residence there so he posts every so often and Aiden Kelly has been posting some of his old poetry but not really any other traffic to speak of. Most people are on moderation actually.

So yesterday I was a bit peeved to see actual spam posted on there, not just something people don't care for so they call it spam, actual UCE. It was that post I'm sure a lot saw yesterday from a person pretending to have bought the free bos cd. That same tired post that has been being posted for years. It's not from someone who bought the cd, it's from the person selling it and she's been copy pasting the same post year after year, just using a different address.

Turns out Delia let it through for some inane reason but she doesn't want any one to say it is spam or say that the person posting that they received the cd will not be posting a review since if they hold to their ten year pattern they will have already abandoned that email addy. It's off topic to say that. Apparently she's worried about off topic traffic clogging up the list. *rolls eyes*

Over the years being on this list I've seen her derail on topic conversations because someone said something she didn't like. Is it any wonder the majority of traffic on that list now days is from one of the biggest jokes of the pagan internet, Wiccan Wade (the Morrigan is a nice mommy) MacMorrigan?

I'm waiting to see if she is going to kick me off, I've already put myself back on no mail. As long as she has a strangle hold on the list there will NEVER be any serious conversations about the craft. No one likes highly censored lists. Once upon a time it was a good list. *shakes head* Now I have to say don't bother, there are much better lists out there for serious craft discussions.

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