Saturday, June 7

Element 11 (the Utah Burn)/ Fibro crap

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Last weekend was the Utah Burn otherwise known as Element 11. Like Burning Man but not as large. It's a 21 and over camping event where they make art projects and burn them bonfire style. They had five burns this year. I only made it to three... they were right in front of our camp and I didn't have to travel far to get to them. lol

I had UV reactive dreds in my hair. I was also three or thirty sheets into the wind by the time I took this photo.

In other news, I fired my doctor. I went in on Tuesday to get on Lyrica. He had a student working with him that day and had her see me. She ignored most everything I said. She asked me where I was hurting most that day and I told here around my elbows, the back of my neck and shoulders and down in my hips and lower back. She squeezed on my left elbow and asked if that made it hurt worse and of course it did, duh I can't stand for anything to touch me right now. She left the room and then came back to tell me the places I said I hurt aren't indicative of Fibro *rolls eyes* and so it must be arthritis. Then handed me a prescription for mobic which is a NSAID anti-inflammatory. Now last year the doctor told me never to take ibuprofen again because I have a bleeding ulcer. He signed off on this prescription. WTF? I knew better but I took it anyway. It made me sick of course and it didn't do a fucking thing for my pain.

So Parker goes up to the doctor's office the next day to complain. The nurse calls me later and tells me the doctor said to not take the mobic again (duh) and that he called in another scrip for my ulcer. She said to take that for a week and then let him know how I'm doing. I asked what about my pain problem. She said any anti-inflammatory would irritate my ulcer. I told her that the anti-inflammatory didn't do anything for my pain anyway could he at least give me more flexeril and loratab. She said she would ask. She called back a bit later and said he refused. *growl*

I asked for a referral to a specialist. I refuse to see that man again for ANYTHING!

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