Sunday, December 25


Life in the frozen north isn't so bad when you have hot buttered rum. *grin*


Merry whatever you celebrate!

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Wednesday, December 21


Hope everyone has a very Blessed and Happy Yule however you chose to spend this Winter Solstice Day.

And for my aussie friends, Happy Litha! I hope you're melting your arses off this Summer Solstice Day while I'm freezing mine. ;-)

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Sunday, December 18

Moose Calf

Moose Calf
Originally uploaded by Gwen Wolfrose.
There is a baby moose on the loose in town. Parker took this picture about 30 minutes ago.

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Wednesday, December 7


When I woke up this morning it was -28°F and the wind chill made it feel like -48°F

That's fucking cold!

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