Sunday, December 26

Yule & Christmas

WOW! What a wonderfully blessed holiday season this has been for us! Pictures will be up soon. Didn't get a whole bunch taken though because the batteries in my digital camera decided to die on me right when everyone was opening presents at the big family Christmas Eve party.

Parker, our kids, and I all opened our presents to one another on Yule (Dec. 21). We also did our yearly Yule tide blessings and wishes. On December 23 the whole Wolfrose clan got together at Gimini's house and exchanged gifts. The kids had a blast and of course Gimini cooked so we all stuffed ourselves with truly awesome food. The next party was the big one at my grandmothers house on Christmas Eve where all the kids made out like bandits. Christmas morning we each spent individually. Gimini had to work that morning but enjoyed the rest of the day with her children. Jadynn spent the whole day with her kids, her mother, and her grandparents. My family spent the day at my grandmothers having turkey and roast.

We had a really good holiday and we hope that you are as blessed as we are surrounded by family with lots and lots of love to go around.

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