Sunday, June 18

My New Tattoo

Right Arm

I got this one in honor of my mother who loves fairies. Got the work done when we went down to Texas.

Tattoo work by James Cassel in Midland, TX
Artwork by Amy Brown
Right Arm

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Friday, June 9

CD Art

A while back I was contacted by a man living in Nice, France wanting to use Vision of Lilith on a CD of his. After conversing with him I agreed for him to use the image so long as I was credited on the album sleeve and he send me a copy of the CD. Back in February he sent me the CD to my house down in Texas and my mother never sent it on to me up here so I just got it in my hands last week. Total awesomeness!!!!!!!!! The bonus is that I also like the music. It's chamber music. *grin*

You can look too:

I'm on a CD!!!!!!!!!

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