Thursday, July 21

hiss spit growl

Stupid effin public schools!

I let everyone bully me into putting my children back in school. Now the idiots at the school are trying to tell me that my son went in there for the third grade two years ago with a fourth grade reading level now has a third grade reading level. They also argue that it couldn't be that he was bored and just colored in the bubbles on the test... *rolls eyes*

Ok people, either he was bored and made designs on the test or you people suck so bad at what you do that he actually became dumber while attending your educational facility. Fine, argue with me about it. It's not a very good endorsement of your school if I go around telling the world that you uneducated my child.

Send your child to Midland Academy they're sure to become dumber!




Oh yeah, and they want to hold him back a grade and not because he didn't make passing grades on his report cards, totally based on this damn test. To top it off, he's not in a grade that the state mandates that he must pass that test in order to advance to the next grade. My son isn't going to that school again and he's not repeating a grade level he was bored to tears in already.

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Friday, July 8

It's been a while

It's been a while since I used blogger but maybe it's time I come back to it. I'm not comfortable on livejournal any more. I just like to ramble anyway and there it's more having to interact with other people so I don't really make real entries. I'm also going to look into putting up coppermine on my domain as well so I can just keep all my stuff in house and go back to being a hermit. Who knows, maybe this will get me to actually start writing again...

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