Friday, February 14

Cute Cat Pictures

Frigga stalking birds in tree
Frigga the perpetual calico kitten in a tree waiting for the birds...

The Call of Cthulu
Copyright © 10/21/2002 () Parker Torrence
Light catnip inscense.
Make sign of opening the cat food.
Face east "In the name of Friskies do I summon you!"
Face South "In the name of Purina do I summon you!"
Face West "In the name of Whiskas do I sommon you!"
Face North "In the name of Iams do I summon you!"
Now chant until the beast apears: "O Grey Cthulhu, who dwells below the bed, come forth for I summon you!"

OH Grey Cthulu
Our grey cat named Cthulu

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