Sunday, January 29

Life in the Frozen North

Snow.... and the ten day forecast.... more effin snow.... next Saturday we have a slight chance of sun.

The local library started a reading club earlier this month with a goal of reading ten books or more by April and in April we are going to have a "let it snow somewhere else" party.

Parker and I went to the next town over last night to go to Wal-Mart and in the hour it took in Wal-Mart it snowed enough for the highway department to put up the "chain law in effect" signs. We were happy to get back to the foothills so the snow was blocked a bit by the mountains and the roads were not as bad as in the flatter areas.

I saw three deer cross the street while we were getting gas which really isn't that big of a deal, we have deer walking around town all the time... one was even standing in the drive up at the bank one day... or was that an antelope... I forget, but I do know it wasn't the moose which finally did find it's way out of town.

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