Tuesday, October 28

What?? Are you serious?

Why do otherwise intelligent people believe outlandish bullshit when election season comes around???

I mean come on, if Obama wasn't born in Hawaii don't you think Fox News would have been all over that already? Don't you think Hillary would have jumped on that? Do you honestly believe he would have gotten this far? Smarter, sneakier people have already vetted all that shit and if there were anything there it would have already blown up all over the place.

Who gives a shit about how much the RNC spent to put clothes on Palin!!!! Do we talk about how much the suits the guys wear cost??? Think they wear the same suit everyday?

What I care about is that eight years ago we had a projected surplus and now we are borrowing money from CHINA!

We're supposed to be the greatest nation on Earth! What the hell are we doing watching our middle class become the poverty class while job after job is outsourced to another country and the corporation doing it gets a big fat tax cut in reward? And why does anyone believe it's a good idea???

I think it's crap so I will not vote Republican thank you very much. Oh, and yes, I have voted for Republicans before. I vote issues not party and I diligently research before I make up my mind. I do lean a bit left of center but I'm not a left wing liberal by no means. I actually wish there weren't such a thing as big political parties. I wish more people could think for themselves instead of needing a party to tell them what to think.

-Wendy The Webcrafter

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