Sunday, December 27

Still in Vegas

Well, my daughter and her family left yesterday and arrived home in Arizona late last night safe and sound. My son-in-law's phone had a dead battery by the time they got there. He was texting me the whole way. I'll miss them all so much.

Christmas was awesome! Lydia isn't quite old enough yet to where it's really fun watching her open presents but it was still fun watching her rip into her gifts and then play with her new toys. Next year will be even better. I guess we will have to switch from coming in November to coming down for Christmas every year lol. This year my aunt got me the best present. She went to an occult shop here in Vegas and asked them what she could get a Witch for Yule and ended up getting me a Maiden, Mother and Crone incense burner. My aunt is AWESOME! I cried too. It's just so like her to do something like that just to see someone she loves smile. She absolutely loves to see her loved ones smile. She's such a loving person and I love her so much sometimes my heart just might burst open from it lol. My whole family is tight like that though. We're Irish/Italian/Latino we can't help it ROFLMAO!!

Parker and I are taking some time for ourselves this week before we go back home. We're going to enjoy the weather and spend New Year's in Vegas. Life is good. :)

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