Monday, January 18

Willow the Wiccabe

When I was on the Psycho Stalker's hate blog to get the url for the post she made about the rape of my children I noticed a recent entry. I'm posting an excerpt from it to illustrate just what a fluff idiot she is that knows absolutely nothing about real magick.

When we all lived in the same town, one night we ran into her and some of her friends at Walmart. When we got back to our vehicle, one of them had drawn an upside down pent on it. That was too Helter Skelter for me. I could just imagine them showing up one night at our home, high in a fit of rage and killing us. That's when we moved and NEVER again let her know where we lived.

Ok, first I have to snark the last part. She was so afraid that it was two years later that they actually left. This happened quite soon after they very first moved in together. He was still married to his wife at the time.

I drew the pentagram on his door. It wasn't upside down as she is trying to claim now. When she blogged about it before she was still a holier-than-though Christian and just bitched about the fact that I drew a pentagram on his van. Now that she's pretending to be Pagan I guess she needs it to have been upside down because she knows jack shit about pentagrams and their symbolism or that Traditional Wicca uses both. The inverted pentagram is in fact the symbol for second degree.

I did not see them in Wal-Mart. Parker and I were grocery shopping after midnight. We parked pretty far out where no one else was parked. While we were in Wal-Mart Jimmy's wife and another friend of ours came up to me to say hi. The other friend told me to be careful because Jimmy and the whore were in there. Parker and I picked up the last few things we were there for and checked out. When I got out to the parking lot I find that Jimmy parked right next to my vehicle of all places. His door was about a foot from mine. I performed the LBRP right there marking the banishing earth pentagram on his door.

Hey, it was more original than the ole "wash me" most people write on dirty ass vehicles...

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