Wednesday, February 7

busy busy

Parker and I have been busy lately. Both on and off the internet. We are working on putting wordpress on WitchHaven and The PWA. I'm hoping adding blogs will infuse new life in both these. Interestingly enough they both turn TEN this year. I'm also converting my personal website over to wordpress. The blog has been up on there for almost a year already, just have to rework my art gallery and then put up my new design. I also went through and updated the designs on a few of my communities. I wanted to put up styles that had the tags listed on the side.

On the home front, we got our income tax refund and bought ourselves some new toys. Parker got a new computer and LCD since he elected not to do that when he won that style contest. I purchased an HD projector with an 8' screen to make us a nice home theater. This Christmas my mother gave me a 5 DVD surround sound system with an FM receiver for the theater so we are all set. Now we are moving everything around in the house to accommodate the theater. We decided the best place for the theater is the room where we have the computers set up so we're moving the computers to the living room and moving the TV from in there to the formal dining room we don't use.

Things are great. Everyone is in good health and spirits right now. A few months ago I resolved that I would ignore the Psycho Stalker so I'm not stressing over any of that bullshit anymore either. I'm sure she's still being obsessive about me and all that but I don't have to pay attention to it and ignorance really is bliss. Besides, my daughter is 18 now so the reason she claimed to start stalking me (gathering evidence against me for court) is now moot even though her husband owes so much in back child support he'll still be paying me years from now. So yeah, everything is peachy in my world right now.

Oh, and I also got bored with the red I've been putting on my hair for the last ten years so right now it's black again for a while. I like it but I'm sure I'll probably go back red again before the year is over. ;-)

I'll try to update more often.

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