Saturday, February 24

Stealth Coffee

I'm involved with a group of pagans in Salt Lake City with an email list called UTAlternativeSpiritualitySubstituteSubstitute or UASS for short. Ever two weeks (or week or three weeks depending on everyone's mood) they get together and have coffee. They call it stealth coffee as a joke because another group had a bi-weekly coffee going and announced they were making it a secret so that some members of UASS couldn't show up. Yeah, whatever... that's the explanation though.

So, last night was Stealth Coffee night at The Greenhouse Effect (coffee and crepes mmmmm). Parker and I decided to attend in stealth style and didn't tell anyone we were going to drive down and be there. The looks on their faces when they saw us were priceless! It was wonderful to reconnect with my friends. I don't get to see them often enough and miss them terribly in between visits. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Last night was a blast.

Also, looks like I'm going to Heartland this year. *grin*

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