Friday, February 16

Valentine Gifts

Valentine GiftsThis is a picture of part of my Valentine's Day presents. Parker gave me eight roses, one for each year we've been together. I also got the teapot the roses are in with matching sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and a candle that looks like the sugar bowl. The kids gave me a mule with saddle bags that are salt and pepper shakers.

We got the screen up for the theater a couple of days ago so that's where I've been for the past couple of days just watching movies. The picture is just awesome, really bright, sharp, and clear. Soon we'll be getting DirecTV hooked up to it and people might not see me for a while. LOL! Actually I plan on having my laptop in there anyway.

Speaking of computers... Parker totally loves his new machine. He was busy Monday night and missed Heroes. It had been replaying Friday nights on Sci-Fi but it isn't on the schedule tonight so now he's sitting here watching it off of the NBC website on his computer. Yeppers, he is a happy camper.

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